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Build more Intelligent apps with the power of deep learning

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I didn't see any price anywhere.
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Hi Product Hunters! We are at Prisma Labs want to share our tech with a companies and products around the world and open our SDK&API(object recognition, segmentation and style transfer) for every business. Moreover soon we will offer you an ability to work with neural nets themselves. More about platform you can always read on the site. Discount for Product Hunters ;)
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@darkolorin Glad to see the progression! Awesome stuff guys!
Step 1: be the first to build a revolutionary consumer-facing app to show off your awesome new technology and get millions of people to download it and a bunch of other companies to imitate you. Step 2: turn around and make that tech available to developers for them to apply in their own apps. Although it probably wasn't the idea off the bat, it's an ingenious example of how to go from product to business. Awesome @yandex
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The Hype now is not what it was before. RIP Prisma However, great work with these things to support the developer community as a whole.
But what I don't understand is they don't own any of the technologies at all. Prisma was from a research paper and the code they used was from a tweaked open source project published in the github. How can you sell it when it's already there published for free in github .
@jijo_john Can you elaborate more on the sources? Especially the Github repo