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#3 Product of the DayMarch 06, 2018

Prisma Cloud is a GraphQL-based database platform and is the easiest way to run Prisma in production.

- Serverless cluster hosting

- Powerful data browser to explore and edit data

- Team collaboration

- Metrics & database insights


  • SairamFather, Entrepreneur, & Advisor

    - Provides a great way to bootstrap your CRUD endpoints

    - Flexible playground

    - Data view to browse all the models in the cloud


    New technology. Not really a con per say - but, interested in seeing how it would scale with data.

    Few things that would be pretty helpful (feature requests)

    - Inbuilt support for authorization(roles/permission) for users at resource level (user/actions/resource - mapping).

    - Server side subscriptions are great, Not an optimal solution to build chat applications based on client side subscriptions yet. Hopefully it will improve overtime.

    Sairam has used this product for one month.
  • Divyendu SinghI get the job done!

    Provides a powerful cloud layer on top of Prisma

    - Serverless hosting

    - Data browser/editor

    - Production metrics


    Nothing worth mentioning

    Having taken a couple of services to production with self-hosted Prisma on AWS, I was waiting for it to officially release. I had a lucky chance to use this in beta for a few weeks and I can vouch for this product.

    Prisma cloud adds a lot of features on top of the Prisma database API layer

    like monitoring and data exploration that makes taking it to production even easier.

    What I love about Prisma (the DB API layer) is that it is truly tech first with most of the core design decisions happening on Github, one can quickly understand where the whole project is going.

    Another amazing thing about Prisma is that it programming language and technology agnostic, and unlike other platforms there is no vendor lock.

    Lastly, a feature that I would want in Prisma cloud is a serverless application server (currently, we build it with technologies like graphql-yoga and host it with maybe zeit's now or on AWS) BUT I can totally see a future where Prisma cloud and become a headless product platform (not just a headless CMS) where you have the availability of various templates to start from and you could build your business on top of it without having to manage any infrastructure.

    Divyendu Singh has used this product for one month.


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Johannes SchicklingMaker@_schickling · Co-founder & CEO of Prisma
Hi everyone 👋 After months of hard work and careful testing with hundreds of beta users (a big thanks to everyone!), we couldn’t be more excited to officially launch Prisma Cloud! Prisma Cloud is a GraphQL-based database platform and is the easiest way to run Prisma in production. The features include: - Serverless cluster hosting - Powerful data browser to explore and edit data - Team collaboration - Metrics & database insights Here is our announcement blog post: (For those of you who are new to Prisma: Prisma turns your database into a GraphQL API therefore making building GraphQL servers super easy. You can learn more here: Please let us know if you have any questions. More than happy to help!
brryantPro@bryantchou · co-founder, webflow
@_schickling congrats guys! tons of hard work into this.
Jamie BartonHunter@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
I've been lucky enough to use Prisma Cloud for a few weeks now in BETA along with GraphQL Yoga and all of the other Graphcool/Prisma tools and it's a thing of beauty. All the best to the Prisma team on launch day!
Johannes SchicklingMaker@_schickling · Co-founder & CEO of Prisma
@notrab Thanks a lot for hunting us, Jamie. Really glad you're enjoying Prisma Cloud so far!
Marc Seitz@mfts0 · CTO at @Hackerbay
Hi everyone, I've been using Prisma Cloud for a few weeks and before that have used Graphcool (same team) since 2016 and avidly following the development of GraphQL services and infrastructure. And if anyone can solve the infrastructure challenges its the team from Prisma. For the first time, a massive problem in enterprise software development is solved elegantly. Enterprise systems of Fortune500 companies run on decade-old on-prem solutions. So moving to the cloud is a really big step for them. Helping them ease their way to becoming digital while giving the enterprises sovereignty over their database (what they're all afraid of anyways) and connecting it with Prisma to take advantage of cloud-enabled solutions really makes a big difference in the adoption. Ok I hope this made sense to anyone reading... anyways TLR: enterprise solutions suck and are old, Prisma's technology helps enterprises become more flexible and enable new options regarding cloud services. 🔥 Congrats and all the success for your launch, @_schickling and Prisma team
Jamie Halvorson@jamiehalvorson · Frontend Engineer. Making FabFit.
I've been using Prisma Cloud for a few weeks as part of the beta and it's such a breath of fresh air, making developing, deploying and managing applications easy. I'm currently the sole-developer on a project that covers Web, iOS and Android with complex features such as tracking, payment processing, user accounts etc. Prisma has been flexible and reliable, whilst providing a solid base to build upon. Out of the box you get a local container for local development and single command deployments to the cloud. Personally I've hooked up Aurora as the DB and it couldn't have been easier. I was a fan of GraphCool's Framework before but I'm a bigger fan of Prisma and the Prisma Cloud. Where the Framework locked you in slightly into a more opinionated way of doing things, Prisma opens the doors necessary for you to build a reliable application that will scale. The work that GraphCool are doing is making a massive dent in the GraphQL landscape and community, keep it up!
Johannes SchicklingMaker@_schickling · Co-founder & CEO of Prisma
@jamiehalvorson Thanks a lot, Jamie! I'm excited to hear you're making fast progressing building your project. Let us know if you need any help! 🙌
Kuldar@kkuldar · Designer
It's been great following Graphcool's journey over the past year. I've loved working with the early Graphcool backend solutions and first impressions of Prisma are exactly as good. I like not having to worry about managing my own databases for hobby projects, yet retaining the ability to scale the backend when I need to.