World's first co-learning network for educating kids K-12

Prisma is the world’s first co-learning network, a new category in K-12 education. We’re not a school in the conventional sense; we’re a locally-rooted, globally connected at-home learning network that gives kids the freedom to be their best selves.
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I'm ecstatic to post this on Product Hunt for my friends and co-founders of Prisma, Victoria and Alain. They are aiming to reinvent K-12 education with what they call a co-learning network. Check out what they're up to!
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Excited to see what the future holds for Prisma given Wildfire's success! Couldn't come at a better time.
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Can’t wait to see school system disrupted. Get my full support!
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So fired up for this!!!!
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Sounds interesting!
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