Build a GraphQL server with any database

Prisma is a performant open-source GraphQL ORM-like layer doing the heavy lifting in your GraphQL server. It turns your database into a GraphQL API which can be consumed by your resolvers via GraphQL bindings.

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Update: We also have some other exciting news to share today – We just announced our $4.5M seed round led by Kleiner Perkins: ______ Thanks a lot for hunting us, Jamie! 🙏 Hi everyone! 🙌 Today is a pretty big day for us that we've been working towards over the last 6 months. Since the release of Prisma 1.0, we've seen thousands of developers start using Prisma to build their GraphQL servers and have received incredibly positive feedback! As Prisma has become our main focus, we're very excited to officially rebrand to Prisma today including a complete redesign of our website and cloud product. With our mission of building the data layer for modern applications we're always trying to make development simpler & easier – especially in regards to databases. We've recently introduced support for Postgres and are working towards adding support for all major databases. If you haven't tried out Prisma yet, you can get started over here: Please let us know if you have any questions! 👋
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I've been using the tools by the guys at Prisma for quite some time (as you can probably see by my previous submissions!). Prisma is a huge leap forward for developers who want to build GraphQL servers. Huge congratulations on the launch today!
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Can vouch for Prisma as the most awesome tool out there to convert your database into a flexible GraphQL API. I have already taken 3 apps to production with Prisma and in development are 2 apps and a telegram bot. Prisma has successfully removed my backend worries. Congratulations to the team on the launch today!
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@divyenduz Thanks a lot – that's awesome to hear, Divyendu! 💪
Can’t emphasize enough how Prisma shortens the overall development time! I’ve rewritten a whole backend platform a couple of weeks ago and it took me just a month to do so. For comparison: the previous iteration (without Prisma) took half a year. It was amazing and most importantly: a fun ride! HUGE ”thank you“ to the team and congratulations on the launch today!
@binarycereals Thanks so much! Looking forward to see what you're building next!
@binarycereals "a fun ride" means a lot 😻🌟 Thanks for sharing your experience!
@morajabi Hahaha ... true story. I meant: It was such an enjoyment to work with Prisma.
@binarycereals Yup, I got it André 🙌
Kudos to the Prisma Team! This is an amazing open source project and it moves really fast. They ship features like crazy and the support/communication is really good. I have been using it for 2 personal projects and I was so impressed with Prisma that I am now introducing it to my colleagues! Congratulations to the team on the launch!
@gauthier_rodaro Hi Gauthier! Thanks a lot for your great feedback! Glad to hear Prisma helped you for your 2 projects! Please let us know if you need any help when introducing Prisma at work! 💪