Prism - Design System Code Generator

Generate cross-platform design code from Zeplin Styleguides

Prism is a command-line tool which lets you generate cross-platform Design Code from a Single Source of Truth — Zeplin Styleguides. By using flexible platform-agnostic Templates, you get perfect design handoff, and aligned naming for colors and text styles!
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Hey All! First time on Product Hunt as a Maker and super excited to share an Open-Source tool we've been working for in the Design Tooling department. Prism a CLI (Command-Line Tool/Interface) meant to allow using a single source-of-truth for all design assets (Colors, Text Styles, and in the future - components and entire screens as well). By using flexible platform-agnostic templates, you can generate code from Zeplin Styleguides as a source, while keeping all of your teams with the same design assets, naming and conventions. Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
Great work Shai!
@192jtt Thanks James! Super excited to share this with other teams :)