Prism API Tool

The perfect OAS (Swagger 2) companion.

I am using Prism to map out the world of APIs. I route my mobile, tablet, and Postman traffic through the prism, and generate OpenAPI Spec files, and build validated collections of the most important APIs out there. It has helped me better understand the APIs I already use, as well as better understand new APIs immediately. I recommend you start using to get a better handle on your API surface area(s), and be able to easily mock, transform, etc. It will give you a new lens to look at your API driven world through.
Thanks @kinlane, we really appreciate all of the feedback and time that you've taken to help us over the last 6 months - you rock!
Hi all, Today, we're excited to release Prism! We originally developed this tech for internal use, and integrated it into the StopLight API Designer, but quickly discovered that many of its features work very well as a standalone tool. While working on this standalone version, we also re-tooled it around OAS (Swagger 2) files, which has so far been a great decision. Prism is dependency free, and extremely simple to use. Just download the appropriate binary, and a single command in your terminal will fire up a mock server, for any OAS file (local or remote). It will also do contract validation on requests, dynamic mocking, transformations, and a whole lot more. I hope you find this tool as useful as we have for working with APIs! Happy to answer any questions, and we'd love your feedback.
Pretty dope tool if you re into APIs and reverse engineering ;)