Manage tasks and priorities in Chrome New Tab

Thanks @kane for the post! This is still at an early stage, but would love any feedback. Lots of cleanup work to be done on the coding side, but the core features I envisioned at first are here now.
@ayang818, really like it! I used Momentum but was looking for something more goal focused. I like how Prioritab tells you the percentage of the day/month/year gone. One piece of feedback: when I enter more than a couple of goals, it pushes the rest of the text upwards, out of the screen. Any chance of customization of colours, backgrounds and such soon? :D
@manasvinik Thanks for the feedback! I think the problem with the longer list of goals is one that I have a fix for in the next release. But to make sure, would it be possible to get a screenshot from you? I'll message you on Twitter about this. In terms of customization, yes, some customizations are on the roadmap. First though is some cleanup behind the scenes :)
@ayang818 Thanks, sent on Twitter!
FYI, the latest update switches how your priority lists are stored. The bad news is that this will reset your priorities (once). The good news is that they will now sync across Chrome browsers, for all those who use multiple devices!