Simple and effective time management App 🐤

Priori is a App that implements the Eisenhower Matrix rule on iPhone. Faced with endless work and life pressures, Priori hopes to minimize the burden of user “to do list” at the visual and operational levels through an effective but minimalist design language.
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@alexli I was kinda hoping the app would have a free trial of some sort. Not trying to be a freeloader, I just think that maybe more users would catch on if they can try it before buying it... :)
@vjekoskarica Thank you for your suggestion, I have considered releasing a lite version to provide a free trial in the future.
If you are also a time management enthusiast, welcome to join the conversation.
@danirogerc Currently compatible with iPhone and iPad and synced via iCloud, Mac version is on the agenda.
Nice illustrations
@oyounga Happy to hear this 🐤