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Glad to see Priori Legal here! A smart startup disrupting a very distruptable industry.
Hi everyone! We're very excited to be featured on Product Hunt and can't wait for your feedback and questions. We built Priori to make high-quality legal services cost-effective, efficient, transparent and of course, more easily accessible with technology. If you put in a request and mention "Product Hunt" in it before June 1, you'll get a $50 Priori credit.
@basharubin how do you compare/differ to upcounsel?
Great question! We're both b2b legal marketplaces -- but have a few of critical differences, specifically related to the curation of our legal network: 1. We're extremely focused on the quality of lawyers in our network and conduct a rigorous vetting process, including face-to-face interviews and professional reference checks. We admit about 20% of lawyers who apply to participate, and lawyers need to maintain a 95% approval rating to remain in the network. We're building a tight, curated network of the very best small firm lawyers in the United States. 2. We hand-pick lawyers for each specific request based on the particular needs of each client and matter. Based on our deep understanding of each lawyer's practice and experience and the client's needs, we match clients with 3-5 lawyers from our network. Priori clients see the lawyers who are the best fit for them and have the most experience -- based on need, industry, or any other articulated preference. Because of that, businesses, big and small, are using Priori to manage 100% of their legal services -- either with one or multiple lawyers. 3. All our lawyers must offer a net-15% discount to Priori clients. Hope that helps -- happy to answer any further questions. Stay tuned over the coming weeks, too, for a couple of very exciting (and completely different) products!
@_jacksmith: Sorry -- failed to respond directly underneath your question!
I provide corporate and IP legal services through Priori. Although many companies match clients with lawyers, Priori is the only one that I use, and the only one that I am interested in using. There are two primary reasons for this. First, the founders are smart and savvy. While the tech community is fond of "disruption," the reality is that there is a fundamental tension between technology (which looks forward and seeks to break patterns) and law (which looks backward and seeks reliable precedent). Combining the two without reducing the quality of either requires threading a particularly tricky needle, and I believe Priori comes closest to doing that in this particular marketplace, thanks to some good ideas and smart implementation on the part of its core team. Second, the clients tend to be relatively sophisticated entrepreneurs. Of course, everyone knows that clients vet their lawyers, but not everyone realizes that lawyers, especially busy ones, vet their clients too. In the world of business legal service, the strength of the attorney-client relationship is paramount. Ideally, that relationship is symbiotic: if the client is good at their job, it makes it easier for the lawyer to be good at theirs, the cycle repeats, and everyone wins. Although Priori clients make up a small percent of my caseload, they account for some of the most rewarding ongoing client relationships I have. Again, I imagine this is not an accident, but the result of deliberate curation and marketing on the part of Priori.
Priori Legal has been AMAZING for my business. I have found a number of lawyers through the service, all of whom have been incredibly knowledgeable, easy to work with, and relatively inexpensive. I've worked with big name brand firms before, and I would pick a lawyer through Priori every time. If you are looking to start a business, work through a legal issue, or do due diligence in order to raise money this is by far the most transparent, easy, cost-effective way to go. Could not recommend more highly!!!