Printful for Messenger

Create and sell print-on-demand merchandise with Messenger

Monetise your Messenger chatbots with the Printful integration by Using the integration you can easily custom print your merchandise, auto-generate a checkout flow, link it to your facebook messenger, enable payments, and auto fulfils the orders. Best of all you can do all this in a few minutes, not days. Add 💸 to your Chatbot.

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The Printful + Facebook Messenger integration by allows you to create and sell merchandise on Messenger with close to no friction. It's a plug and play integration, which directly generates an automated checkout bot flow with cart and payments. When an order is placed, the products are automatically fulfilled by Printful, making your life like sipping 🍹on the 🏖️. How does it work? 1. Design and create your product with Printful. No need to store any inventory, all products are print-on-demand 2. Seamlessly connect and import your products to’s dashboard, where your chatbot flow is auto-generated. 3. Share your products on Facebook, to directly trigger the chatbot from comments or post clicks or add to your current chatbot flow. Why this is awesome? By selling directly through Messenger rather than sending customers from Facebook to a website, merchants have achieved interaction to purchase conversion rates of up to 68%. Compare that to an average e-commerce conversion rate of 3-5% 😯!! Go order those 🍺🍺🍺 and give it a try now. :) Makers: @nyhashree, @zykotak