Print Pinterest pins properly

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My good friend and colleague @diacon has made this handy little chrome extension for printing Pinterest Boards. I've been looking for something as simple as this for ages. Just tap the icon when you're on a Pinterest board and you can print out each image separately or to a PDF. Finally!
What does it look like when its printed? No images on the site
@bentossell It just prints out each Pin as a nice big image on a single sheet of paper.
@diacon oh, I thought it would be a bit more fun with a printed 'board' on a canvas or things like that :)
@bentossell This has been an issue for years that you can't easily print from Pinterest to make your own mood boards. I know many people who have this issue daily, clicking through to find the original image, saving it then printing. It's a simple yet effective extension.
@nicmulvaney Im out of my depth as I'm not a pinterest-er :)