Printed transforms your photos into vintage printed art

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Really cool filters, but I think this would be more successful as a freemium app monetized with IAPs (premium filters etc.).
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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
B2B SaaS Consultant
"We've captured the classic look of mis-registered ink plates, over inked screens and hand selected authentic vintage papers to create a wildly exciting way for you to easily turn any photograph into a swell vintage matchbook cover, playbill or postcard to share." Features: • 12 pre-set printed styles to customize your photos including letterpress, silkscreen, comic book and more. • Image export at high resolution. • Support for AirPrint. • Control of borders, lightness, effect size and saturation. • Includes example images.
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Jeffrey Wyman
At the intersection of Tech and Business
logo hurts my eyes :(