Print Panoramics

Panoramic images from your device to your wall

Print Panoramics will effortlessly transform those panoramic memories hidden within your devices into works of art for you to hang on your wall.

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Wow, this service hits all the check marks. Quality and pricing for all customers, impressed and will try it out!
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@androidlove thanks so much for your positive feedback. It means a lot. Please let me know if I can offer any help at all. All the best.
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Any discounts for PH users? Thanks for sharing.
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Hey @skillsyncer , sure thing. I have set up the code PH10OFFPP which gives you 10% off. If you are in the UK you will also benefit from free shipping too.
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !! How’s it going to work ,could you give us a walkthrough of the working? Does this comes to India ?
Hey @ayush_chandra , unfortunately we don't currently ship out to India via our website purely because the costs involved in shipping such large items end up costing more than the goods paid for. We certainly can do it and can provide a quote if needed but it's not cheap. We offer free shipping to the UK and then the delivery costs for most of Europe (where shipping costs are not astronomical) are calculated at checkout. Maybe going forward we may have various print depots located internationally that would then make the process more accessible for more countries. Many thanks for your message.
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Seems like a great product and super innovative. Nice job!
Thank you @eitan_shtainkort 😊🤜
@ss7 what about shipping to the USA do you ship here?
Hey @avi_lang , it's the same situation unfortunately. We are shipping out from the UK so the delivery costs on something so long and fragile is just so expensive. Obviously we can ship to USA but we would need to quote up a shipping cost which would alter depending on the product and size... our smaller sizes are certainly more affordable to ship. We will be looking into getting set up in the USA soon though. Keep an eye on us or subscribe to our emails for more info.