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Frank Denbow
Frank Denbow@frank_denbow · Founder of INK'A
Is this related to Gumroad? That logo looks very similar
Mark Abramson
Mark AbramsonHunter@mark__a · I print on things
There was a discussion about the viability of "photo products as a service" on This is that service - behind many popular your-IG-photos-on-X type sites.
Ryan Delk
Ryan DelkHiring@delk · Growth @ Omni
@FrankDenbow Ha. Nope.
Guy Gal
Guy Gal@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
Similar to Lob
Shahed Khan
Shahed KhanHiring@_shahedk · Founder @ Loom
@FrankDenbow @shl Agree on the logo. That was my initial thought as well.