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I know...lazy, but I'll gladly pay you $15 if I can just upload a GIF and get back a Flipbook in the mail. Just saying...
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@joshbarkin too bad @levelsio's GifBook project doesn't exist anymore.
@joshbarkin yes. i think there are services that help to do that.
@joshbarkin Not lazy - that's the obvious thing that I'm missing in my life... So many wedding proposals could go so much smoother! :)
@joshbarkin Was just about to comment the same thing!
What a time to be alive
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@nivo0o0 ha yep.
@nivo0o0 now, can you print the GIF of you printing that GIF?
Well there goes my weekend...
This should 100% be a partner play with a printing company to be a gif-t booklet service. Even better if someone could take a video and turn it into a flipbook.
Beautiful invention!