Where fans around the world say what Prince meant to them πŸ’œ

Prince2me is an interactive fan experience that explores what Prince means, individually and collectively to his fans. Fans can visit the Prince2Me site to craft their own message using Prince vocabulary & an array of images and videos provided by the Estate. Then you can share your post across social media to tell the world who Prince is to you.

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Jeremy BauerWriter + Arts Instructional Designer
Was planning to share this with Anil Dash and then I saw he was the hunter πŸ˜„. I like that the message builder is paired down to selecting 5 elements that can consist of single words, images, and gifs. Since it's so focused, the site avoids getting cluttered. Being able to learn about the background of images and gifs is pretty cool too. βœ¨πŸ’œβœ¨
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Will LauranceIE at Stripe and Product Maker
@barnabybones lol same. Anil immediately popped into my head
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Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt
ICYMI, the late Prince dropped a new song and video yesterday:
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This is cool! 😁