Simplify your iPhone + iPad photo management

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Dear all friends here, I’m Kelly Woods the product manager of PrimoPhoto. Firstly, I'd like to give special thanks to all my teammates who have been so committed to building and designing this young product. I hope every code and pixel could fill the purpose of delighting users. As the first product made by our new team, I'm not sure whether it would deliver good value to you, I even cannot guarantee you it's a bug-free version. Anyway, here comes our PrimoPhoto with the following features: 1. PrimoPhoto offers one-click option to import / export iPhone photos, saving the time wasted by the inconveniences of iTunes. 2. It can turn Live Photos to shareable GIF picture so users can send and share them through email, messages, and whatsapp. 3. It features iPhone photo library cleaning option that was made to reclaim more free storage on users’ iPhone. Here is the product webpage: For why we build this product, what problems it could solve, and what value it delivers, please give a check on our dedicatedly prepared media kit: To everyone who have visited our website, who have downloaded, installed and launched PrimoPhoto, I beg you to take one minute to send your thought on our first-try product. Every your word will lead a startup team to grow and give more back to future users. Thanks and best regards, Kelly Woods Team Lead at PrimoSync