An iTunes alternative made to manage iPhone/iPod media files

I'm using MediaMonkey for these kind of things. How is this different?
@alexstrafalogea firstly I'd like to tip my hat to MediaMonkey, which is a classic and universal media manager for Windows. It offers a wild range of media management solutions like editing music meta tags; ripping CDs; playing music and sync mobile devices, etc., just too powerful to define this piece of program. Based on my experience, here are some differences between MediaMonkey and PrimoMusic: 1. MediaMonkey is for PC Windows || PrimoMusic currently focuses on Mac OS platform 2. MediaMonkey is more like a media library manager for computer || PrimoMusic serves as only one purpose that is to make better media syncing solutions between iPhone / iPad / iPod and Mac. 3. I guess PrimoMusic’s design is more modernized. LOLLLLLL As PrimoMusic is available for FREE on this weekend, so it’s suggested to have a try with it. Kelly from PrimoSync.
@primokellyw Thank you Kelly for your respons. Definetly made me try it now :)
I was just thinking yesterday about how the new versions of iTunes are making it harder and harder to use for local music storage listening. Glad people are reacting with new alternatives.
@primokellyw So do I download the free version, then enter the license code to get the Personal version? EDIT: For anyone else, just download it then enter the license. Thanks!
@bradenhamm yes, the license code shown on the product page could be used to activate unlimited copies of PrimoMusic. Please download first and enter the key.