A lightweight online ordering IOS service for restaurants

Easily start an online ordering service for your restaurant. With Primo, you can get your menu online and in front of your customers so that they can order for carry-out or delivery. Accepts payments via Apple Pay and credit card.
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Hi All, Many restaurants are relying on carry-out orders to survive during the COVID-19 crisis but have no useful way to accept online orders and payments other than by phone. Many restaurants fall outside of delivery zones for popular apps like Grubhub and UberEats, and even those that are inside the delivery zones often can't afford their high fees. Primo offers them a lightweight online ordering tool that sends orders right to their phones and does it for a tiny fraction of the fee. Some of the features include an Orders-hub for managing order states and keeping customers updated, push notifications and text messaging, item promotions and much more. Look forward to your questions and thanks Kevin for hunting us! Thanks, Greg
Thanks, Lucia! We're hoping this brings some much needed relief to our friends in the restaurant industry!
Looks awesome! Do you have a demo menu?
Hi there, congrats ! Are ios and web in feature parity or IOS has something more ?
@francoolaami IOS is the core app but the orders-hubs is also available via the web as some restaurants want to use a laptop to manage their orders.