Like Amazon's 1-click shopping--but for everything



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abasaMaker@abasa · founder, PRIMO
PRIMO is an app that allows you to buy things worldwide by scanning a PRIMO Tag or clicking a PRIMO Link in Instagram/Facebook. PRIMO Tags can be embedded in a print or digital picture, video, or on an actual product. Merchants can now monetize their advertising by allowing their customers buy directly through that ad. Imagine buying an iPhone 7 through a commercial with 1 tap. Or shopping at IKEA and avoiding all the lines. The app is the POS, making the world a store. PRIMO origin story: I watched a Michael Jackson documentary in 2003, and he was shopping by pointing his finger at products, and his people handled the rest in the background. I thought 'someday I want to make something that allows everyone to shop like that'
Arda Yaman@ardayaman
@abasa this is going to be viral
abasaMaker@abasa · founder, PRIMO
@ardayaman Thanks for the love Arda!
Renato Shirakashi@renato_shira · Founder @ Scup & AVP Product @ Sprinklr
@abasa hey man, really loved this! This is so convenient. Great work there
abasaMaker@abasa · founder, PRIMO
@renato_shira Thanks Renato! We feel ecommerce is very well optimized for the PC era but there hasn't been anything for built from the ground up for the smartphone era.
Giordano Brachini@gpuntob · e-commerce manager, Drop Srl
@abasa Great product! Will PRIMO customers be based in a particular region at the beginning or you start worldwide?
Kiki Schirr / 史秀玉Hunter@kikischirr · Founder, WeKiki Video Chat Platform
Primo is attempting to solve every Instagram influencer's biggest challenge--the link ban. Primo's codes make purchasing a product a single-click decision. Cha-ching!
James Zhang@jameszhangny · CEO Office @Rakuten, Techstars Mentor
Congratulations : ) #Upvoted
Johnny Quach@johnnyquachy · VP Product @ AIrhelp
So the user has to download primo? So the merchant has to have primo integrated?
abasaMaker@abasa · founder, PRIMO
@johnnyquachy That's correct
@abasa @johnnyquachy So to which group are you going to focus on first? The users or the merchants?
abasaMaker@abasa · founder, PRIMO
@ykguler @johnnyquachy We are currently focusing on the merchants. Users need stuff to buy before it makes sense for us to focus on them.
@abasa @johnnyquachy Also merchants need users to buy stuff :) paying nothing to open a new potential sales channel is more than justifiable. What's your plan for on boarding new users?
abasaMaker@abasa · founder, PRIMO
@ykguler @johnnyquachy That's right. That's why we made it free to start and run. So far merchants have been extremely receptive. At the moment, we are onboarding merchants that have a large advertising budget, and user base. We are utilizing them to gain users.
abasaMaker@abasa · founder, PRIMO
For those of you that downloaded the app, we have added a PRIMO Tag to scan in one of the product pictures above.