No-nonsense, jargon-free marketing lessons (by Google)

#3 Product of the DayOctober 09, 2014
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Odd it's only on ios.
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@hiimfloyd right? I can't believe Larry let this launch.
@chrismessina I, too, was shocked to see it's iOS only. Makes me feel better after all the flack @loictallon, @lizfilardi and I took over launching @metmuseum app on iOS :-) Also, unless you read the FAQ, you don't know the Google connection.
@chrismessina Oh, Mr. Page. It's just odd the inconsistencies -- limit Google apps on iOS, but give them an awesome guide on content before we give it to our users. Maybe they just think the iOS audience is in more need than android users. :)
And not available in Canada :(
@will_lam Nice design. Content is exactly as advertised: Primer.
h/t to @sarahintampa for this find, courtesy of her TC write-up. This is another example of Google's push toward educational/entrepreneurial products (see Google Ventures Library) and this is another example of that. Note: interesting to see Google launch iOS first.
@rrhoover very interesting, also does a good job of re-imagining the mechanisms for learning i.e., focus on cards + mobile
@rrhoover probably says a lot about the startup / marketing world and general customer segments on Android vs iOS
is the content available anywhere on a website? Only through the app?
The app has an unusual, but really nice design. It seems like the kind of container app, where you can feed it different types of json data to create multiple apps.
@r0unak I had the same thought - nice format to communicate any type of info, and potential for a Typeform-esque platform that would allow you to build mobile tutorials/guides like this one.