Primer Navigator

Instant guide on how to start homeschooling in your state.

Homeschooling regulations are complicated, but Primer Navigator makes them simple. We've done the hard work of compiling every US homeschool regulation, so you can enter your address and get an instant report for all the laws (and tax benefits!) in your area.
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Thanks for having us, Product Hunt! Primer Navigator is our second (small) product, meant to simplify the incredibly painful process of navigating your local homeschool regulations. We worked with a team of homeschool legal experts to build a database of every regulation in every city and state, and built this tool to give you an instant report of how to homeschool compliantly in your area. We'll even surface any tax rebates too. We'll have our first major product for homeschoolers coming out in August 2020, and we're also announcing today that we've raised $3.7m from some great investors — Keith Rabois, Julia Dewahl, Naval Ravikant, Eugene Wei, Kevin Kwok, Scott Belsky, Cyan Banister, and more. You can read more about our first product here: And sign up for the waitlist here:
Super bullish on what the Primer team is building here. It's becoming increasingly clear that our education system is broken but homeschooling is currently very difficult and therefore out of reach for most students and families. Primer is reducing the activation energy/friction to start homeschooling to build an entirely new education experience that starts with homeschoolers but eventually becomes accessible to every kid. Congrats, Ryan, Maksim and the Primer team!
Awesome! This is very much needed given the timing of everything. Congrats to the Primer team and looking forward to additional updates!
Have already seen families forced into homeschooling benefit from Primer's first products. Excited for what this team is building, especially given the potential for more families to stick with homeschooling going forward. Congrats on the launch, Primer team!
@jzipdamonsta That's awesome to hear. Thanks, Josh!
Great team and product.