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I opened an article titled 'The Impossible Gentrifier' and started reading somewhat unenthusiastically. Within a paragraph I was astonished, within two I was absorbed, by the third I had started to question my place in the world. It was as if the ground beneath me started to groan and tremble — I could feel my paradigms shifting. I'd known of gentrification, but it wasn't till this moment I knew — I was a gentrifier. Absolutely astonishing content that doesn't fail to continuously knock you off your feet.
This looks very well designed. Is is a magazine or a platform? It reminds me of Medium with more design, perhaps. Who curates the content?
@tapefinder it's a magazine in the sense that they have amazing editorial content, but a platform in that you can annotate articles before sharing them with friends and brilliantly cultivated by their team.
@tapefinder We wanted to build something that focused on original content that encourages critical thinking, while also allowing our readers to engage in conversation and dialogue through our annotation feature. The content is commissioned by our in house staff. Happy to answer any further questions!
@thecarrico mhm interesting concept, a sort of curated Medium.
Finally some actual and interesting content that covers a broad variety of interests. Bookmarked!
I am going to take this with me instead of Medium for some days to see how it is.