Primed Mind

An immersive mindset coaching that provides personal growth

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Fedor Holz
CEO, Primed
Hey Product Hunters, I'm Fedor, CEO, Co-Founder of Primed and former professional poker player (6th all-time money list worldwide). When the stakes are high, having a strong and clear mindset can make all the difference. I started working with Elliot, the Coach in the app since 2015 and he helped me to unlock a lot of my potential by overcoming mental roadblocks and by visualizing my goals. As a result I've been one of the most successful in my area in the 2 years after. I realized the positive impact which mindset coaching and Elliot had on my life and that through an accessible and affordable medium, millions more could benefit. Whether it's a desire to excel in business or academics, to improve relationships or become a better athlete, Primed Mind enables anyone to unlock their potential and work towards their most valuable goals. We are very excited to be on Product Hunt with all of you! Download our app 'Primed Mind' for FREE and visit our website for more info. We'd love to hear your feedback to improve everyone's experience! Thank you for hunting us, @bramk! Best, Fedor
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Basil FarrajCTO & Founder @
Voted up! We all need such an app :-) - Also the design is awesome guys!
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Dre Durr💡
Growth is the only thing that matters
How does it work? Walk me through it Very Dope 🚬🚬
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Felix Paries
Founder & COO - Primed
@dredurr Hi man, I'd suggest that you download the app and try Primed Mind out for free. Would love to hear afterward if you were able to orientate yourself easily within the app or if you need more guidance in terms of a better UX. :)
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