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Primaseller integrates all your online channels and your offline sales (B2B and retail) in a single integrated platform. Manage inventory across locations and sync all invoices and POs with QuickBooks online seamlessly with this one stop shop.

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What size of retailers do you target? Looks like small retailers, since bigger folks might need custom integrations between these tools? Can't all this be done from Shopify (or Magento) with their own plugins & integrations? Why does someone need a new tool? Are you trying to be style platform for retailers? If people need to use your front-end won't that be one more thing to learn? Isn't this very late from a retail/ecommerce perspective?
@prasanna_says Hey Prasanna Thanks for taking the time to review Primaseller. :) While we do have customers with 10+ stores, we target folks with 1-5 stores + Marketplace + website presence. Shopify does not handle multi-location inventory and other advances features like Automated Purchase ordering. While there are disparate tools to do each job (online multi channel integration software like StitchLabs and POS Software like vendHQ), multichannel sellers who also sell offline are forced to manage two separate systems for online and offline sales. We bridge a very important gap here. Our online order processing flow is very familiar to anyone selling online and infact even more simplified so that whether you process an Amazon order or an eBay order or an offline B2B order, the flow will be the same. This brings in a standardization in business processes and is infact, fewer interfaces for a user to learn. We're here because despite ecommerce being around, there are hardly any solutions that address a true omnichannel solution that is affordable and easy to use for the SME.
@prasanna_says @mohammed_ali MOST of this can now be done through Shopify but it's not the prettiest, especially offline orders for wholesale (B2B). My current set up is Shopify/Amazon ->Stitchlabs -> Shipstation. I run a small business and Stitchlabs has really moved out of that category (I got in at $60/mo). I think where you really shine is your pricing and your targeting of small businesses. I help out a lot of small businesses and understand their concerns when it comes to costs. There is not a lot of margin in anything anymore so you need your systems to be efficient and cost-effective, for too long software companies have been ignoring this market and I think you'll find yourself in a great space (along with T-sheets) in targeting these small to medium businesses. That said I'm disappointed in how low the order volume is in your plans/ why include that as a metric at all. I assume it's a computing cost metric, but I feel there is a lot to be said for just making a good non-tiered product that just works. I hate to be forced into the 'real' product while trying to make the one that actually fits my budget work.
@fightn4food matt - ping us and try out Primaseller - happy to figure out a nice Product Hunt Discount for you :) Signup here:

Perfect for sellers having online and offline setups


POS and Online inventory management



Hey Everyone, Really excited to be hunted on PH! My name is Ali and it is my pleasure to share with you Primaseller - a single app for online and offline sellers to manage their inventory and sales across channels in a single platform. We have customers from across the world using us and loving us. Happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Looks awesome πŸ‘. Any tool that caters to small businesses and makes them competitive in this winner take all market has my loyalty.
@vineet Thank you Vineet! :)

definitely a +1 from me


Really easy to use


can have more store fronts