Clothing for kids. Brilliant basics under $25.

Great idea. It's amazing how expensive (and still poor quality) children's clothes can be.
Such a solid team delivering a product with love and quality. Thrilled to be an investor and excited to start being a customer.
1.5-2x the price of Target brand basics, with pseudofree shipping. And they look great. And I don't have to go to the store. Love this. Also: great personality (that copywriting!) throughout the site. cc: @amcourter EDIT: first learned about Primary via Instagram with this beautiful campaign. Brand game so strong.
@amcourter @covrter I second this. The copywriting is superb.
I like the stuff and styles. Ill leave the buying to my wife :)
Brilliant. There is happy medium between price and quality when it comes to kids clothes...and you've found it. I am tired of spending $20 for a t-shirt that just gets stained after 1 wear or worse $10 for a t-shirt that can't live through the first wash. As a mother, i feel good about the price point and the potential of it surviving longer than a month.