256 Icons for $200

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@mantia - What makes "Primaries" different from other icon sets, some of which are available for free?
@grooveplex We believe what sets Primaries apart is the quality. We drew these to be a neutral-friendly icon set that anyone can use. We wanted an icon set that we'd be proud to use in our own products, and no set we found would achieve that.
@mantia @grooveplex How about Streamline Icons? 4000 items in all possible formats (filled & outlined also). Are they of poor quality in your opinion? No offense, just curious.
@vladzima I agree. There's quality sets out there that compare favorably to this set. Also the market doesn't price turnkey stuff at client rates.
@vladzima @grooveplex I think Streamline is a great value. But quantity isn't everything, and that it has filled and outline states inherently means it is compromising somewhere, and that's with "weight." I've noticed some icons in their set that don't appear the same size because of this. But 4000 is an unruly size to design consistently. I believe every icon in our set matches beautifully. But if Streamline seems to be the right set for your project, then I'd suggest buying that one. But most of all, just because one set is # for $, doesn't mean every set has to play the same game. I'm glad ours is different.
@glark @vladzima I looked at a lot of sets before we created this one, and many are very opinionated. I think ours has a specific style too, but I think ours is more versatile and works for any kind of app.
You've got some great icons in this set. No debating that. But honestly that price tag is way too high. I'm not a big fan of free icon packs as I also find them to be poor quality, but almost $1/icon is hard to justify when the quality is there for icons sets from ui8 and nova.
@tomjohndesign If Primaries is too expensive for you to justify, just don't buy it.
@tomjohndesign Google’s Material Icons is the best free and open source alternative to overpriced Parakeet Primaries.
Guess I'm curious on this as well. There are about 3-4 different sites that offer free for use icons that I frequently take advantage of when working on apps. What sets this apart from them...especially with the price tag that it carries?
@natelegler There are a lot of icon sets out there. And for cheaper. And with more icons. While Primaries will grow, it also offers a level of quality we just haven't seen in free icon sets (or many paid sets for that matter). Everything here is weighted equally. They feel perfect together. As far as the price goes, we spent a lot of time thinking about this, and we settled on a price that was a pretty steep fraction of what we'd normally charge a client to make an icon set this large. The benefit is the highest quality icon set available that becomes better and more complete over time with new icons and sizes. Over time, it will become even more valuable. The $200 price tag is not just for the 256 icons, it's for those free updates along the way.
@mantia I got your icon set and it's very good. How will customers know when there is an update to the set?
@stephane we'll send an email with a new download link to the address you used during your purchase of the set!
@mantia Most of your competition has an outline version and a filled version - for selected and unselected states to help indicate the state (especially on low contrast UIs and to increase usability for colorblind people.) Yours was designed only with the filled state in mind. How comes? Also interested to hear how does the steep price tag (compared to your competition) affects sales. Thank you for your answers in advance - I was trying to ask these questions via Twitter but it seemed like you were unresponsive.
@philipamour we don't like outlines because of the cognitive load and the visual style. Filled icons just look better to us. For in selected states, a gray, dimmer version works great. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all do this for instance. Outline icons were a cute idea but I don't think they're practical, look nearly as good, or are as quick to recognize as filled icons. Before iOS 7, we had only filled icons and it worked out great. I do not believe our price tag is steep. Some people charge less, but I'd consider those "bargain" prices, rather than fair or normal prices.
Great work! Really like this icon set compared to most of what I have seen out there.