On-Demand Life & Business Coach. Feel Better in 30 Minutes.

Priizm offers on-demand coaching for every situation – From relationship to wellness, business & life skills to career and work/life balance.

Priizm is just $50/call. Call Anytime, Anywhere.

30 minute on-demand coaching calls allow you to be heard, achieve your breakthrough and get on with your day!

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Hi Product Hunters 👋 Meghan from Priizm here! We’re excited to launch Priizm on Product Hunt (and many thanks to @adamleidhecker for hunting us 👏)! Priizm was built to democratize access and affordability to top business and life coaches. We believe in the power of coaching and that it should be on-demand, affordable, brief, and easy to access. Somewhere between your best friend and a therapist, a Priizm coach is an unbiased and professionally-trained sounding board, who can help you address daily challenges in any area of your life. I noticed a disturbing truth both in my professional and personal life over the past 18 years as I've faced a multitude of stress in my life from working in the high-paced advertising industry to having life-threatening complications during the birth of my first child. I relied on my foundation as a certified coach myself to navigate these difficult waters but I found it difficult to quickly access the "space" to process things with another person, which is the bedrock of coaching. I was lucky in that I knew I needed this resource; people are generally unprepared for dealing with life, or turn to therapy with the idea that they are somehow broken. In all the varieties of my challenges, I knew I didn’t need therapy, I needed a coach. I was distraught at the coaching industry’s failure to provide access to top coaches at a moment’s notice. That this resource was mostly reserved for elite corporate levels. That coaches cater to this market with long-term commitment packages that cost thousands. In a fast-paced and on-demand world where we can view our bank account, order groceries or book an Uber with a touch of a button, I wanted to create a “customer care line” for everyday life! Priizm solves these problems and helps people achieve breakthroughs in any area, affordably, in 30 minutes. We understand that everyone needs to be truly heard and Priizm provides you with a skilled listener who will inspire you to unlock your potential. Priizm leverages a streamlined calling platform and our exclusive network of top coaches to anonymously and immediately connect you with an on-demand coach or schedule a call for a time that works for you. In 30 minutes, we’ll get to the heart of the matter so you can get on with your day. To celebrate our PH launch, we are offering the Product Hunt community a 20% discount off your first call. Enter the discount code: ProductHunt. I’m excited for you to experience the Priizm difference and achieve your clarity!! Our top-quality Priizm Coaches are committed to helping you transform daily breakdowns into breakthroughs, transform your life and achieve your goals! We’d love to get some feedback, and I’m happy to answer any questions. 😄 Meghan
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Thanks @meghankuhn! Priizm is a fantastic service. Having the ability to have on-demand access to life and business coaches (At a great price too!) is transformational. Sometimes you just need to be heard. Thank you for sharing your passion and helping people have breakthroughs and growth. And thanks for offering 20% off your first call.
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@adamleidhecker You got it! I'm looking forward to any feedback!