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Fast, high quality, AI-powered RAW photo editing for iPad

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Hi Product Hunt! Co-founder of Priime here. We appreciate your interest and we’re happy to give away 10 promo codes for a free month of Priime RAW to try it out: HH7FLKTKXHYY 36FRKA67MFE7 YJWH4T3HHKXE R6PLKL4P6AMJ FPTP9K3TAEW3 3KT74JTEYFJ3 7TH7YKMM999T PKKJEE7EMLLR F9MEJENX46MA TX4WER37AM39 🙏
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Quick note, these are for the monthly subscriptions! Just wanted to make that clear since we forgot to mention that before. Unfortunately, there's no auto-renew option, by design by Apple's promo codes. But with the promo code, you'll have a full month to use and try it out. If the promo codes are all redeemed, let me know ;)
@art_chang Thanks, a good way to let people get a feel for the functionality before committing to a subscription. I missed out because of my time-zone, any chance of an extra code? :-)
@frassmith I can definitely get you another one. Can you send me a DM on twitter?
For everyone else, here's our last batch of promo codes (1 month): 3HWXRJ9KJTH9 N64JNN9REMM6 W4XNKXMXLK7A YFNNMWJPTLR7 HPR9HJ4AJRMW 79K9K4P3YTWN JHYTLJYL3M4E HWLRAJME7LTA PRRTW3A4FJFX
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Priime has been the app of choice for iOS photo editing for me for years. Now they've built support for RAW that brings the company to the next level. I love what Art and the team have done here, and it's perfect for anyone who needs that next level of control. It's a huge technical feat to get this to work on stock iOS, and I am so proud of what they have built.
Thanks so much for the hunt @garrytan! We built Priime RAW because we saw that RAW photo editing was still not viable on mobile devices, especially now when the world's most common digital cameras shoot in the powerful RAW format, including the iPhone and iPad. The Priime team and all my friends are photographers, from talented hobbyists to professionals who are shooting for brands all over the world. Almost none of them edited RAW photos on their iPhones or iPads, and would only edit jpegs on their iOS devices. They were saving the RAW editing for their desktop at home. I asked them why, and the top three reasons were: 1. Not supported on apps they like 2. The editing is way too slow, even on built-in 3. Apps appeared to flatten the image and not take advantage of RAW We did more of our own research and found that even if iOS apps did support RAW, they did not support everything that would be needed to make editing RAW photos a good enough experience for ourselves and our peers. With the fast growing amount of RAW photos, we knew it was time to create a killer RAW photo editor for mobile. The tech to make this happen was complicated. There are no ready-made tools, no overwhelming articles and best practices on editing 100 Megapixel images on iOS, etc. We had to develop everything ourselves from the ground up. We have some experience already with high-resolution photo editing with the Priime for iPhone and Priime Styles for Mac app, but this was the first time we were directly editing RAW format images on an iOS device. After a lot of development time, and a good amount of design work to bring the power to an elegant and beautiful design, we have it, Priime RAW. * Powerful RAW photo editing for many DSLR, mirrorless, and other digital cameras * Taking advantage of full wide color editing * Photo filters: Over 100+ professional-grade photo styles (advanced filters), created in collaboration with over 30 of the world’s top photographers * Suggestions AI: Smart style recommendations based on photographic properties, like colors and contents * Editing tools: Modern, beautiful tools to fine tune and polish your photos in full wide color * Full resolution saving: Non-destructive, max resolution, no compression, up to 120 megapixels * History: Visual undo with a full edit history Here's a few FAQ that we've been receiving already: How is RAW different than Linear format? Without getting into too much technical detail, you can say that the RAW format holds data in an unprocessed form, such that to display it visually, you would have to flatten it into a linear image first. Flattening is de-bayering the image, or sometimes demosaicing the image might be used. You have to process a RAW photo before you can see it. The RAW format has a lot more data in it, thus, being able to edit the RAW data directly, you have access to a lot more dynamic range, detail, colors, white balance temperature, and more. So, when we're editing RAW, we're dealing with a lot more data per pixel that you have. The upside is incredible control and range of information that can be brought out of an image. With today's advancements in data storage, bandwidth, and software (like with Priime RAW), this RAW format has become the standard in all professional digital cameras as well as many of the popular consumer cameras (including iPhone and iPad). Is there an Android version? We're a tiny team of 5 and already stretched thin with continued development and support of Priime RAW and our other products. We hope to be someday able to have the resources to take on an Android version! Will there be an iPhone version? Possibly! iPad users are our first target, mainly because the iPad use could tend towards more complex tasks, such as sitting down and editing a RAW photo. The screen size is a huge plus in really showcasing the power of what we're able to do as well. Though, those iPhone 7+'s are iPad sized anyway. So ok, we don't have a great reason other than we want to tackle one thing at a time.
@garrytan Gary it says here that you are an investor[0] in the company. Please be upfront about that in reviews. [0]
adding on to more FAQ's: How much does the app cost? The app is a subscription paid up front. Despite Apple having a "free" badge to download, we couldn't put the subscription data on the App Store landing page. We did include it in the description, but could not talk about the pricing since every territory has different currencies, exchange rates change, and we would have to do full app submissions to update just the text. So we rely on the downloaded app to give users accurate prices. At no point do we try to charge you without disclosing all the information. Can Product Hunter's get a trial? Yeah! We posted a few redemption codes in one of the comments (currently the top comment). Let us know when those are all redeemed! We may be able to give out a few more.
I've been a Priime user on iOS since jump. Don't use a single other app. I really like how it's built from the ground up by and for photographers. The Styles they have are so refined/elegant. Nothing cloying and saccharine. I use it for almost all of my iPhone shots. I have the desktop app too, which is amazing. And now to have an iPad app, and be able to edit RAW files on the go, brilliant stuff.
The more amazing RAW photo editing apps on the iPad like this and Affinity that become successful the better! I'm excited about this. I have Priime for desktop and it's got some great presets. Can't wait to download this!
@iamjmw Hey Joseph! Thanks for the kind words, and glad you like the Priime Styles app. Please let us know what you think. If you haven't already, grab one of the promo codes we posted in the (currently) first comment above.
Well, needless to say, I'm going to give this a try. I love that you've chosen iPad first when so many cool photo processing apps completely ignore the platform in an effort to grab the iPhone bucks. I don't entirely agree with @art_chang's marketing comment, after all Lightroom, Snapseed, and recently Affinity all already support RAW, but all with limitations. Maybe this can finally be the version of Priime that stays on my device. I truly hope so. :-)
@art_chang Oh, wait. Subscription model. Can't even find the prices in iTunes? Looks like a quick delete sorry.
@frassmith no need to apologize. We understand that a free app is very different than a paid app to many people. iTunes does a poor job of listing the price, but we do give it within the app before you purchase. Were you looking for something that was free?
@art_chang No, I wasn't looking for something free, but I was hoping to be able to metaphorically kick the tyres before committing to a subscription. Lightroom is a prime example (pun intended). You can download it and use it for jpgs, but if you want RAW, you have to subscribe to Adobe CC (which is, of course, a much bigger and more costly concern). My point being that there are ways to provide a taste of the app first. Also, in iTunes, you do say "provides in app purchases" but you don't list them. Look at Bear for example: It follows a similar subscription model and publishes the prices up front on iTunes. Is that something that's out of your control or could you do the same?
@frassmith Thanks for clarifying. Yeah there's definitely a route to go for trials for sure. It's something we've deliberated on for a long time, and you're right, there's a lot of ways. There are some plans that we have to provide this, and it's important for sure to get right. The iTunes purchases will show up for us eventually. When Bear first launched, those did not show up either. It's actually top purchases that are listed, instead of all. Since Bear only has those two, it looks like a comprehensive list. But you can imagine games that have some limitless number of IAPs, it just can't possibly list them all, so they crank through a few days of data before listing them. I think once launch for long enough, this will show up as well. I'll bring it up with Apple and see if there's some way we can surface the prices up front in a different way sometime in the future. Apple seems to be making a large effort into improving the experience, so I have high hopes this will be done soon.