App to normalize and raise awareness for The LGBTQ Community

Pride is the first community to showcase all genders and sexualities! Share your experience with the genders and sexuality's you know, and learn about those you don't!

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I'm wondering if you consulted with anyone from the communities you're targeting with the app. Using the word "normalize" in your posting makes me think not. Also, the AppStore entry seems to confuse gender and sexuality/orientation. It would make many people in the communities you're seeming to try and reach avoid the app altogether.
@liztracey unfortunately, Most people do not find the LGBTQ+ community to be normal. Our goal is for people of the community to share their stories and for non LGBTQ to learn more about the community. We included sexuality since we wanted to be inclusive of all LGBTQ+ community aspects
Jacqueline von Tesmar
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Hey @zack_jensen, What way do you see people using this app the most?
@zack_jensen @jacqvon people share their coming out stoires and help answer questions on the app. Its a very nurturing and safe environment
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