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Folks, don't let your talent be hidden behind locked doors.
Pricolo is a guitarists community where both amateur and professional can share recordings of their practices and performances.
Musicians can compete in music challenges like best song cover.
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Hello folks! I was practicing playing guitar for over three years and almost no one has ever heard it 😢. Noone in my circles liked the same music as I did and so I never talked about it or show off my progress. Eventually, I realized how much harder it is to keep yourself motivate and improve playing skills if there's no one around to give you feedback or inspire you. That's why I created Pricolo which aims to be a community where everyone can find like-minded guitarists and show off their skills 🎸🤘. Most importantly, we're introducing so-called "Challenges" 🏆. On a regular basis there we'll be a new music challenge that anyone can participate. Guitarists will compete in playing a cover of the particular song or showing off some advanced technique skills. I hope this will bring energy and engagement into the community. I'd love to talk to all the musicians out there about your experience in learning any instrument, whether it's a guitar or something else. What are you missing and how can we encourage more young people to express themselves through music?
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So, I had a similar feeling but from different reasons. I've been learning to play guitar mostly by myself and I'm not a pro. Actually, I feel like I'm far from being a pro and I've always been thinking I'm not good enough to post my music on YT f.e. and still like you said I wanted to share my music with people. Is this app only for professionals (quoting "showing off some advanced technique skills") or is it for people like me, too? :) But generally, I like the idea!
Monika, thanks for sharing this. Pricolo is 100% open to all the amateurs who are just starting to learn the instrument. It's critical to get feedback from others at this stage and we want to support that.
Is an android app planned in the near future?
@vidbregar Hi Vid, yes, android is definitely on the roadmap :)