Competitor price monitoring for ecommerce

PricingBot is a competitor price monitoring tool for E-commerce companies.

Import your own products, add your competitors, and our robots will monitor prices everyday.

Receive alerts on any price changes and react on your competitor pricing strategy.

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Hey Product Hunt community πŸ‘ πŸ‘ PricingBot is a tool for E-commerce owners to monitor their competitor's prices/product availability. The problem it solves is pretty simple. Pricing is becoming more and more competitive, and lots of E-commerce companies are monitoring their competitors manually, which is a very time-consuming task. With PricingBot, you can automate this process easily πŸ€– At the moment we have an integration for Shopify stores so that you can import all your product catalog in one click. If you don't have a Shopify store, you can still use the CSV import feature. After that, you can associate the products you have in common with your competitors, either manually with a Chrome extension, or using our Smart Import feature. The smart import feature only needs your competitor website URL, then our robots will try to match as many products as possible, either using any barcode you have (UPC, EAN, ASIN...) or with a title matching. We're the team behind ShopToList which is the B2C version of PricingBot and we made PricingBot because we noticed lots of ShoptoList users were using it to monitor their competitors πŸ˜ƒ At the moment PricingBot is in free beta, and we'd love to get some feedback! See you in the comments! Thanks a lot, Kevin & Pierre
interesting idea πŸ‘
@vardankarapetyan Thanks πŸ˜‰ Do you have an e-commerce store ?
@sahinkevin I do messenger marketing for crowdfunding agency
Awesome! You should submit to @botlistco
Been looking to launch my own service like this for a while but more focused on b2c rather than b2b. Still haven't got round to it! Looks good Kevin / Pierre and congrats on the launch!
@colinwinhall Thanks a lot Colin !
@colinwinhall Thanks a lot Colin, we released last year that does that ! Think pocket but for shopping.
Looks great but unfortunately I couldn't test it as my website is built on WP+Woocommerce πŸ˜•
@tatyana_gnyot Thanks for your message. Actually you can still use it. We have an experimental CSV import feature. So if you are able to export your Woocommerce product catalog into a CSV, you can use PricingBot !