Pricing Assistant: AdWords optimization

Shopping campaigns that react to the prices of competitors

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@adamscochran Hi Adam! We primarily advertise the link with competitive data because it's what makes us unique, but apart from that we work pretty much like other bidders on the market, though we specialize in e-commerce only. To manage different targets and behaviors for some products, you can create another campaign with a higher priority that will overrule the bids. If someone is having a very aggressive pricing on a product (they will have a hard time doing that on *every* product of your catalog), then it's probably best to avoid investing too much advertising on this one and focus on other where you're more competitive. The algorithm does that automatically. We have all sorts of safety nests, with maximum and minimum bids for groups of products (depending on their strategies). We update bids daily or more (when we see big swings in the market). We have also gone through Google's certification process for unlimited access to the API :) Let me know if you have further questions, I'd be happy to answer! It's great to be able to discuss the details after several months of work ;)
Very curious about this, so it indexes all products on any ecommerce site and then creates a campaign per product? Is it industry agnostic or more focused on certain categories? Any case studies?
@fatfullstacks Hi Gabe! Indeed, we index all the products via Google's Merchant Center (to which e-merchants are already connected if they advertise on Google Shopping). We create only one campaign, but with one ad group per product. It is pretty industry agostic, though the biggest wins compared to other solutions will be on products in a competitive market. We have seen ROIs jump up to +35%, and we will soon be compiling those with customer testimonials in a white paper! Let us know if you have further questions! Best,
I'm assuming there is some sort of system in place to set a minimum price? It's obviously not for premium brands who wouldn't want to compete on brand, but more bulk stores and I would therefore assume that there is always going to be a bulk store that can get a better deal than I can and just bottom out their price as a loss leader? What other safety nets are in place and how frequently does this index update? (And does this comply with Google Shopping's policies?)
have you implemented the AI process? @sylvainzimmer