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Interesting. Is the model to wait until you get enough people on the list for a particular product, then run a discounted bulk order with the vendor, and move a slightly less discounted batch to the people on that list? Demand-driven arbitrage model, essentially?
Haha, yeah - this is exactly how we started at Prices changing all the time is a very real problem. I think one of the biggest learning we had at Decide is that people's desire to 'impulse shop' usually is much stronger than their willingness to wait, on items where the price movements aren't as drastic.
Very similar to my friend, @koesbong's project, Salemarked (, Apparently they support over 700 stores. Impressive.
This is similar to what @zealoustiger and did and sold to Ebay. I like the social / Pinterest like approach.
Great product! Their are more price-alert tools these days! Hobber for tickets and Savelist or f.e. for shopping!