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Hi everyone, I'm Floris, co-founder of Pricepin. Here’s why we created Pricepin: A year ago I wanted to buy a pair of sneakers online. When buying online I often first check price comparison websites, to make sure I don’t pay too much. I bought the sneaker that day, but a week later, I saw that those same sneakers went into sale: 50% off! Almost every consumer product drops in price over time. But it takes a lot of time and effort to keep track of the available discounts. Pricepin allows you to ‘pin’ a product from virtually any shop, after which the price of the product is monitored daily. You get notified as soon as prices change. In addition to receiving notifications on price changes, you can also see how prices develop in real-time graphs. Pricepin is available for desktop, iOS and Android. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I’ll be here to answer your questions. Thanks for your support & happy pinning!
This is going to be SUPER useful! @florisdelangen can tell you more :)
Awesome :) , as a dev I always wanted at some point to make/find something like this, I like that you're tying notifications into it as well.
Our team is already busy developing features such as comparing prices of pinned products with other webshops, a browserplugin (besides the bookmarklet), in-app product search, creating product lists, following other members & repinning of products.
@florisdelangen can you import my Amazon Wishlists?
@chrismessina What a great idea! We will look into it!
I like the concept already! Definitely gonna give it whirl!