#PriceMyTrip by Vamo

Plan a complex trip with one simple tweet

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Pretty sweet service, using Twitter + and hashtag for a command-line like experience. Try it out!
Hey everyone, we thought this was a cool way to demonstrate how easy it is to plan a trip that would otherwise be quite complex. Only works with origins in US/CA and international destinations. You can do up to 10 destinations in a single request, and you can also tweet countries or regions (like, "#PriceMyTrip New York to Eastern Europe") to get a recommended overview itinerary for that area. Give it a shot, would love to hear what you all think!
@aristeinberg I just really want a service where I can put in: "Somewhere sunny in July, from Amsterdam". And then sunny can also be fun/adventurous/relaxing/dark, whatever ;)
@bramk @aristeinberg yes, we do hope to get there at some point. one thing that might be interesting to you - you can browse through destinations by theme...for example: https://www.vamo.com/vacation/eu... of course, the main thing we'll need to get working for you is supporting amsterdam as a starting location. for now all trips start in the US/CA and have to go somewhere overseas.
A critical piece of this is dates (exact or range). Does this take that into account (ie can you specify that or does it just give you back the cheapest fares found within x time frame?
@anujadhiya it defaults to about 3 months out. you can, of course, customize the dates through the generated link you get.