An API for pricing products with Emojis

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Pricemoji is an API that lets you price products in emoji instead of traditional currencies.



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Wilhem PujarMakerHiring@wilhempujar1
For those interested in the Pricemoji technical stack: - Front: Vue.js 2.0, HTML5, CSS3 - Back: Node.js, GraphQL, MongoDB - Build: Webpack, SASS With Facebook GraphQL there is only ONE single endpoint to implement on clients, check out for more information :)
@wilhempujar thanks for sharing the info
Wilhem PujarMakerHiring@wilhempujar1
@goofernator you're welcome!
Wilhem PujarMakerHiring@wilhempujar1
Hi guys, just wanted to share a bit of fun with you here! I've created Pricemoji, an API that lets you swap prices in boring pricing table for life's everyday objects using emojis! :) I see great opportunities in turning pretty abstract, hard-to-grasp SaaS price tags into visual representations of things we're much more familiar with. Hope you'll like it! Happy to answer your questions, if any. Cheers
Menachem Pritzker@mdavep · CEO, TheHomeFixers
Cute idea... would be great if you did some psplit testing and tried to measure impact on conversion
Wilhem PujarMakerHiring@wilhempujar1
@mdavep thanks! That is exactly what I'm looking forward to knowing. My assumption is that conversion will definitely be higher by using visual representation of price tags. Especially against "spatial learners".
clavy celestine@kleaklass
Good you make it unlimited and free.
Wilhem PujarMakerHiring@wilhempujar1
@kleaklass Hey, it wouldn't make sense to charge for the very first version of a side project :) As long as I can support it, that's not a big deal 👍🏾 Thanks for your feedback!
Wilhem PujarMakerHiring@wilhempujar1
@kleaklass many thanks for this, that's very kind of you :)
Stefan Wirth@nafetswirth · Co-founder & CTO, Hater
not sure if i'd get the gold plan when i could get 7 beers instead. :p
Wilhem PujarMakerHiring@wilhempujar1
@nafetswirth haha! It's easier to buy after a drink anyway! 😄 so do both :p