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Hey guys, I'm Matt Chosid, the founder of PriceLocal. After you browse on Amazon and find exactly what you want, we want to help you find a local store where you can get it today -- at the Amazon price. Whether you want to shop local to support local businesses, can't wait two or three days for delivery or don't want to pay a huge mark-up to get it delivered same day, the idea behind PriceLocal is simple: help shoppers find what exactly they want and get it same day - with no delivery charge - at the Amazon price. We are currently launching in a handful of cities and plan to launch nationally later this week. Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
@matt this is the most creative business idea i've seen recenty.
Interesting idea -- I always try to support independent bookstores but sometimes the instant gratification isn't worth the 30% premium they charge over Amazon & BN. I'd be interested to hear how you deal with this issue; does local SMB just eat the cost and call the sale a loss leader or do they make up the difference somehow?
@brendanbeirne Hi Brendan, Great question. Books are a special case, but in our research we've found that most stores have prices that are much more competitive with Amazon Prime (which is the price that we ask stores to match) because Amazon has "baked" a lot of the shipping costs back in.
Hey Dominic, Great questions. We don't have a bidding system. Right now, we allow all retailers to respond provided they are willing to match the Amazon Prime price of the item. The network effect is significant - we have found great interest on both the retailer and consumer sides in areas where we have received a lot of attention.
@mchosid - what are your network effects here? How are you garnering businesses? Is it a bidding system or do you work with a few select partners for the coupons? Love local ideas!