Competitive price tracker for Amazon Marketplace

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Hey Product Hunters! As PriceCute team, we're here for any questions!
@ulsc any chance you guys have an API?
@codecamcode Not yet, but why not! :)
@ulsc @codecamcode 2nd for that - I'd die to be able to have this
So consumers can use this can they to track when retailers drop prices on a number of products they're interested in? I'm currently thinking about monitors for example and whilst able to wait 6 weeks or so, I have 3/4 products I'd love to be notified of when they drop their prices. I'd imagine you'd get far more consumer users if you made that process slick for them, rather than predominantly focusing on sellers. The pricing would have to be more competitive than what is currently available though, since buyers won't be making the returns sellers can.
@david_west You're right, we need something especially for buyers, like without charts or pricing history, so it can be cheaper and still valuable for them. I think you should register and we may develop this feature with you :)
@ulsc Sounds great - done just that 😀 look forward to seeing what comes of it. Let me know if you need any feedback or help building it out.
@ulsc I would love this as a consumer also. We've been making bots for a couple years. One of the best real applications for bots 😄
@codecamcode So come along! We've started to develop the customer side, let's do this! Send us an email from the contact form, than we plan how will we do that!
analytics for sellers, brilliant.
@findabhilash Thank you for your feedback!
Looks like a great product and believe it will increase the revenue of sellers. Good luck to you. Impatient to see your growth :)
This looks great. I signed up for the trial to poke around. It would be nice to have an ETA or some indicator of how long the process takes to compare products. Something like "Check back in a few minutes." A design nitpick: The particle animation on the home page is very fast and distracting from the text. It would be nice if it was a slower movement. Overall it's a nice setup. Hope everything continues to go well for y'all.
@britaingreen Thank you for your feedback! You're right, we need to add "5 minutes" to somewhere there :) We'll take a look at the particles as you suggest. We're looking forward to hear you again soon! Thanks again!