Price Drop Notifications

Send personalized push and email alerts when prices drop

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Ecommerce marketers can now send hyper-personalized and automated notifications whenever prices drop on one or more products. Our advanced Personalization Engine does this via a 2-step process: 1. Identify products whose prices have dropped by monitoring product feed for changes. 2. Identify users who have recently interacted with such products. You can send these notifications to anonymous users also, i.e. users who haven't signed-in to your website/app.
A little too pricy.
If pricing starts at $200 per month, and I'm supposed to give discounts to make it work, as in to increase my sales, does this really help or kill my business? Or is it particularly useful to stores which sell highly-priced items?
I would have preferred that you published this on PH under its real name, i.e. QGraph.