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Thanks for the hunt, Kevin, I'm Kirill and I'm doing UX / visual design and some of the front-end for Price&Cost. If you spot any inconsitency or any other visual bug in the app - please let me know. Will be happy to answer any product-related questions you have too.
Price&Cost is a SaaS tool that helps companies deliver any project on budget and maximize profits by providing flexible cost and revenue planning and tracking capabilities. Did an interview with @a_bernovski recently to know more about Price&Cost
Thanks for the hunt, Kevin @kwdinc 🙌 This is Andrei here, CEO and co-founder of Price&Cost. So excited to share this launch with all of you, guys! We have a Product Hunt special running offering 25% off any plan 😎! Price&Cost is a powerful but user-friendly tool that helps companies monitor their project costs, deliver projects on budget and stay profitable. Some scary for starts - over 45% of all projects end up over budget. Around 15% - 2 times over budget! 😟 I’ve been in Project Management for over 10 years and felt the pains first-hand. Truth is - setting realistic and cost-efficient budgets is equally (if not more) ❗️ important ❗️ as finishing on time or to a certain quality. Monitoring financials and constantly course-correcting while project is running is vital ☠️. For project-based businesses (marketing agencies, development houses, consultancies): a project going over budget - is lost profit 💰. Price&Cost fills the gap between the over-simplified solutions (think all-in-one project management tools that promise the world), super-confusing, complicated and expensive ERP solutions. And there’s always Excel which dies by its own sword - you’ll end up with formulas breaking, 100-s of files and never-ending frustration. We’ve been field-testing the product with over 600 companies both small and large (including Capgemini, PayPal, etc) for months. Really thrilled to roll out the full production version of Price&Cost here on PH! 😸 Happy to answer any questions!
This is just what I needed. Price&Cost can help prevent surprises and is a great way to monitor where to take action when needed. I'll make sure to try Price&Cost for upcoming projects. ⭐️
@angeliqueangiea Great idea :) You are spot on - There are plenty of great tools for managing timelines and task on projects. But when it comes to managing projects budgets - it’s often something left for accounting to deal with after the fact. Too bad 👎. By the time project ends - it’s too late to undo any damage. So, proactively managing a project (inlcuding financial) - is a must!
Hey guys, nice idea. Does it integrate with Stripe or any payment or accounting tools?
@omermolad Great question 🙌 Not at the moment, but this is on the roadmap. All in all, there are tons of integrations we are going to be bringing on - starting wtih timesheeting systems, then onto accounting systems and much-much more.
@a_bernovski Cool. It would be powerful to automatically pull data directly from payment systems rather than enter it manually. Then people won't have to think too much and won't see this as another thing they have to implement.
@omermolad Can't agree more - those integrations with timesheeting systems and ERP and PSA payment systems are NR1 request from our users so far. Hence - number 1️⃣ priority on our roadmap!