Prezi Video

Remote work? You and your content, together in real time

Prezi Video lets you easily create engaging videos in minutes by putting your graphics on-screen with you in real time. Use it for internal business comms, leadership updates, remote meetings, webinars, or self-paced trainings. Get started for free.
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23 Reviews5.0/5
I am not a huge fan of Prezi presentations, but I see the potential in this new product from Prezi. Interested to see how the market reacts...
The perfect tool for working from home. I just simply love it! 😍
I always felt Prezi a little gimmicky for my needs, but this new tool has huge potential. Making a simple UI to control a video overlay presentation (with the design power of Prezi) is amazing. I've tested earlier today and I'm amazed by the possibilities. Really considering subscribing to remove the logo water mark.
Seems interesting! I'll take a look at this. hopefully it's as simple and powerful as Prezi presentations. :p
Does anyone know if it works with a green screen?