See your family's status before you text or call.

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Arti AnandMaker@helloarti
Hey everyone! First off - Huge thanks to Kumar @datarade for hunting us! :) I'm co-founder of Prevoo — an app that let's you get in touch with family and close friends more easily and quickly. It shows you the automatically-updated status of someone based on how they're using their phone so you have more context before you call or text them... like if they are on a call, away from their phone, out of battery, don't have reception, etc. 1-Minute Demo Video:
Whenever they're not around, you can set up an auto alert for when they're back using their phone again, whether its to catch them for a phone call, live video, or just have a text conversation in real time. Since I'm a big tagline geek- -See what's up before you WhatsApp - See live, automatic status before you text or call -Faster than Faceook's Safety Check - Great for passive reassurance, or to check safety in emergency situations -No more voicemail and phone/text tag - Okay not a great tagline... but YAY! There's so much more that we plan to build on to this, so many applications of the underlying tech... but we think its a decent "MVP" to kick start with! Ready to download on iOS and Android. Would love to answer your questions - ask away :)
David Kampmann@mrkampmann · Brand and Social Media Consultant
Like the concept. Especially for video chat needs. While I am always attached to my phone, many of my family members are not and always seem to end up trying multiple ways to reach them when have important need. This could help with that.
Arti AnandMaker@helloarti
@mrkampmann Thanks so much David! Feel the same way- exactly how I've been using it with my own family :)
Alex Parent@alexparent10 · Hurdlr
Looks like an awesome app. No more "Did you get my last message?" texts from my mom! Hooray!
Arti AnandMaker@helloarti
@alexparent10 Thanks so much Alex! Would love for you and your mom to give it a try :) By the way, just saw that you're from Hurdlr. I missed your DC Tech presentation but am an Airbnb superhost and am excited to use your app!
Alex Parent@alexparent10 · Hurdlr
@helloarti Awesome! let me know if you have any questions when you start to use it. Always love supporting DC Tech. Keep up the great work!
Arti AnandMaker@helloarti
@alexparent10 Thanks - and likewise! :)
Amy R@amy_r
This looks great for family-- will definitely download. Though I hope there are some privacy settings? I want my mom to know when a good time to reach me is, I don't necessarily want my employer to know that I'm available at 11 PM.
Arti AnandMaker@helloarti
@amy_r Hey Amy, Awesome! Let me know if you have any trouble while downloading and registering. Yup you control who you're connected to (who you invite, or accept an invitation from) — so just hit the "Decline" button if your employer starts using it and sends you an invite ;-) You can also control your location sharing - either turning it off for everyone, or off for certain people. Thanks for your note!
Aram Shahinyan@aramiggs · Co-founder at inKin Corporate Wellness
Awesome concept. I do find this quite a useful thing. What's your business model? How are you gonna monetize?
Arti AnandMaker@helloarti
@aramiggs Thanks Aram! The consumer app is free, and a beachhead. We're working on some integrations and partnerships, and a work groups application for businesses that primarily use their mobile devices for communication :)