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Looks super awesome! To bad I have Android, but it looks like it will come soon. This is what Instagram is for traveling, or Spotify would be like if it was traveling. Smart!
@olofnheijer Thanks for putting us here!
Hi everyone, Spottly is a community passionate about finding, collecting and sharing the world's best places. Based in Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore, our mission is to make travel research really easy; explore our Spottly community's travel guides and collections, save and discover old local favourites, new insider finds, places you want to go to or recommendations from friends. With insider networks starting from 15+ key cities curating the best places to eat, shop, stay and play, you can now find the best and most updated travel finds, on the go, wherever you go. We aim to become the most vibrant travel community, providing a fast, easy and visual way for you to plan and document your next adventure. Spottly has been featured on the App Store as a "Best New App" in 15 countries 6 times and is one of the first travel apps available on the Apple Watch. As of May 2015, our Spottly Insiders have created more than 80,000 travel posts of places in +3,700 cities and 125 countries
@edwyn glad to see more Hong Kong affiliated products here. Spottly has great potential.
@nzieber Thanks for the encouragement
Incredible app. Ive been using Spottly for a while now. Great way to bookmark all your favorite locations and discover cool new ones while traveling. Im sold.
Seems that Expa (the company 'behind' Uber) will launch something similar called Spot: http://spot.com
@vincenzor Thanks for info, also looks interesting, not much on the website tho. But company behind Uber has a good ring to it. But Spottly seem to have a fair advantage in people behind it as it looks for now.
@vincenzor Thanks for the comment. There are quite a few companies trying to solve the same problem with different approaches. For us, we are focus on building a community that is super passionate about finding and sharing great places.
What are the differences between Spottly and Trover?
@drewmeyers Good question. Spottly is super focused on places. We are a community that shares great places to go and for people to experience what that place has to offer. This could be food, cafes, shops, museums, parks, etc. Trover seems to be more about amazing travel photography that are geotagged.
@edwyn There are recommendations/tips/commentary associated with (most) photos on Trover. On the surface, both apps seem to be focused on solving the same long term problem..but I could be wrong. FYI I just downloaded the app and logged in with FB. It's been sitting on the load screen for a few minutes. How long does the first login take? I closed the app, and re-opened it, and then it let me in.
@edwyn Just did a search for Seattle, and the nearest things I saw were San Francisco and Vancouver...both well over a hundred miles away. The core question for this sort of app is content. How do you get it? How do you get lots of it? And how do you get it fast enough, without paying a massive amount of money for original content creation? What are the incentives for users to put content in?
@edwyn Just read your website a little more carefully and noticed this: "We make it really easy for you to remember all of your favourite spots. An amazing restaurant you've been to or a cool shop you'd like to go to? Save them down in just a few taps." That put you fairly close to Swarm/Foursquare territory.