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#2 Product of the DayNovember 01, 2019
Previewmojo is a tool that auto generates your social media preview images (open graph images) using your website meta data. Simply paste some code in your site and Previewmojo generates unique social media preview images for every page on your site.
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Hello Product Hunters! I'm excited to be launching my first "API-like" product, an automated image generation tool. You set it up once and then after that, Previewmojo works quietly in the background, generating beautiful social media preview images for every page on your site. A good social media preview image will cause more people to click, so companies often put a lot of effort into creating bespoke social media previews; making sure it is cropped to a size that platforms prefer, making sure the image is visually appealing and sometimes overlaying titles and other details. But what if you don't have the time for that? What if you have a small team, or no designers, or hundreds (or thousands) of pages making manual design impossible? That's where Previewmojo comes in! Previewmojo came from scratching my own itch - I would often get frustrated after writing a long blog post, being ready to hit publish... but then realising that I still have to create a poster image for social media. Automating that process was a natural next step. I'm really excited to see where this goes as it's a nice combo of two things I enjoy, design and code!
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@yongfook Congrats on the launch! Great idea, sounds very useful. Also the generated images look very nice👍
@yongfook Very useful product! Amazing work Jon
This is slick, @yongfook. Nice job.
Congrats on the new product launch @yongfook ! I love the idea and execution. A few thoughts: - The video is way too long (20mins). The things I care about could probably be fit into 1 or 2 mins: - BEFORE preview img - a rough idea of how long it takes to set up - AFTER preview image - more variations of the AFTER image. - I'd add a small PreviewMojo logo on the corner of the image on the free plan and the cheapest plan as a growth tactic. - The pricing model could improve a lot. I saw your tweet about mixing a subscription model and a usage-based model. I don't think you need a usage-based model. I'd say your users fit into these two categories: A) Those who pay for online marketing tools/services and B) those who don't. It'd be quite hard to charge B, so I would just have them promote my product (by adding my logo on their previews). 10 renders/month is way too low, not enough value. It probably needs to be higher. On the other hand, I would charge A much more. with plans based on the number of domains AND the number of pages. - I'd add the capability to use a screenshot of the page (using Puppeteer under the hood). It'd be useful for non-blog pages. - Q: Does it work with SPAs?
@ardalanme Wow, your feedback is great! You should build a service doing this :) Would you be able to tell me what you think about ? You can send your feedback via the "Contact Toni" link. Thanks in advance!
@yongfook @ardalanme Please don't add the logo as a "growth tactic". That's so sleazy.
@ardalanme thanks for the suggestions. I honestly have zero interest in free users, even for "marketing purposes". So that's why you don't see me adding my own logo. I agree with the other poster, I think that's a bit of a sleazy tactic and any marketing benefit derived from sleazy tactics probably won't be all that positive anyway. I'm a bootstrapper, so my products are straight up paid subscription - the 10 free renders is just to show people that it works, it's not a "free tier" that people are supposed to stay on. It's not per month, it's 10 free and then you have to start paying. Your advice regarding the free trial / watermarking might make sense for larger companies with funding, who can afford to have a longer revenue horizon. Regarding charging more, everyone has an opinion on pricing. Only the long term will decide what pricing is right. You're never going to nail pricing on launch day. This is one area I agree with you, I haven't got it right and am probably under-charging. Could be a mix of subscription / usage based too. But rather than get into a tangle of pricing decisions, I just launched with something simple and easy to understand. It will undoubtedly get adjusted as I go. Cheers Jon
@ardalanme it doesn't work with SPA. Tested with React with no server side rendering. It just grabbed the static html file and parsed that data. Cool idea but not for SPA sites. Also i find the image processing speed not that fast (small html file).
Hey Jon! Congrats on the launch! This is a pain to me as well. I believe all blog-platforms will auto-generate og:image's in the future. Do you plan to create a WordPress plugin?
@alexanderisora Thanks Alexander. Yes I wanted to create a wordpress plugin for launch but had to push it back in order to meet the deadline :) It'll be on the way in the next week or so!
Jon! Super excited for your launch - for a weird reason. I'm also in this space and I'm really happy that someone I've looked up to for a while is launching a product that competes with mine Wishing you all the best!