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Hi @abhishekdesai Seems cool, but: My question is about security. I am a little bit concerned what happens if I upload .csv file with a sensitive data. Do you have acces to those data ? I didn't find privacy section on your website.
@ivanlucansky Hey Ivan, we should have been more explicit about this and we will update the copy accordingly but this is a complete client side tool i.e. Data does not leave your browser. So it is completely safe to try it with your data.
@ivanlucansky Have updated the copy now. Hopefully it is more trustworthy now! :)
Hi @abhishekdesai It helps :) I love customization feature. It take me a little while to find out that I can actually move hierarchy and metrics in graphs 0:) One thing i can't find - I can set two metrics (sessions and transactions) but I want to sort transaction data only from highest to lowest. Anyway visualization looks cool!
@ivanlucansky Thanks, there are still a few things to improve. The purpose of this tool is to give you "preview" of your data in various visualizations to understand patterns. And if you are planning to go for BA Apps (, this tool may give you more confidence. We are assuming that pre-processing of data will already be done before users load data in PREVIEW. So yes, if you want data sorted by certain metric, you have to do it before you load the data. Having said that we should consider giving sorting feature in the tool. :)
Hello Everyone, made this small nifty tool for previewing your data in cool visualizations. The data does not leave your device so go ahead and try it with your own data. Looking forward to hear your comments.
Cool! Useful for building MVP before making something serious with d3js
Sorry- this is still built for people who know what they are doing. I just tried your sample data for sales by day. The axis label doesn’t change! Then I made some weird graphs that dont tell me anything.
@jasonology Yes, I agree. It is still an advance tool for people, who know what they are doing. We are still working to make it easier for larger audience. And yes, it has limited customization capabilities as of now. We want to keep a fine line between what PREVIEW can do and what self-service BI tools can do. Hope this helps.
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