Preview your ideal photo grid and create mosaics for free

#4 Product of the DayNovember 03, 2019
Previagram is a webapp that allows users to preview their ideal Instagram grid and create downloadable photo mosaics totally for free, in both mobile and desktop enviroment 👁️👌
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I (and many others) really love mosaics and it makes our profiles stand out alot! Thank you for this app and the time you put in, just being honest and it's true! 😊
Hello people of Product Hunt! I'm happily launching my fourth product here. This time is a very simple one altough it was actually quite tricky to pull off, battling so much with the EXIF orientation when uploading the images. There are still some features that I´d like to add if people find it useful. In the meanwhile, hopefully I can get some valuable feedback from you guys since the web is currently in beta. Thanks so much in advance!
I (and many others) instantly unfollow accounts who does those mosaics thing. Sorry for being honest but it's true 😅
@zellersamuel1 sure man, it's certainly not meant to appeal to everyone and it´s not only for creating mosaics, but thanks for taking the time to comment on my work!