Intelligent contact tracing app using bluetooth for COVID19.

Preventiv uses Bluetooth LE to keep you safe when social distancing is not possible. Receive instant alerts when you are exposed to COVID-19 in public environments. Download the Android app today and the iOS app is coming soon!
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Cool app, looks like the dribbble logo to me though.
Looks really useful, nice job! Some comments here for you too in relation to your landing page and conversion optimisation --
@tom4 Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate the thoughtful criticism.
Hey Product Hunt! 👋🏼 We are two 19-year old college students who love coming up with solutions to real-world problems using technology. While healthcare and essential workers are working hard on the frontline, we wanted to do our part during this global pandemic as engineers. We began developing this app since late February and the Android version is publicly available and the iOS version is expected to be launched in the next few weeks. Due to restrictions from Google about COVID19 apps, we weren't able to publish it on the App Store. However, the Android APK is available for download on our website and we hope that this will come in use to people around the world when safe social distancing is not possible. Questions or feedback? We’d love to hear it! 🙏🏼