Keyboard shortcuts for the app you're currently using

#1 Product of the DayMarch 25, 2018

Pretzel is Mac desktop app that shows and find keyboard shortcuts based on your current app.

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It should be noted that you can already do this with MacOS. Almost all commands with their respective keyboard shortcuts are listed in the menu bar for each app, and can be searched through using the Help tab (Command + Shift + /).

More info:

That said, nothing exists on Windows that can do this yet, so I'm really eager to try this product out there!


Looks nice


MacOS already has similar functionality

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I knew about the commands in the help section, didn't know about the cmd+shift+/. Thanks, you sped up my workflow SO much 💌
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This looks great, @amiechen01 🙌 How would you differentiate Pretzel from Cheatsheet?
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@amrith Thanks for asking, Amrith! I was a loyal user of Cheatsheet for a while before making Pretzel. The main differences are 1. for large apps like Photoshop/Illustrator/Cinema 4D, Cheatsheet doesn't show you ALL the shortcuts. I think it only shows you the ones that it accessible through Apple's Accessibility API (guessing here). 2. Pretzel has a search which filters quickly to the shortcut you're looking for! On the other hand, I love that you can click the commands from Cheatsheet and execute it in other apps. It's definitely something I have in mind for the future of Pretzel!
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Clever. It would be awesome if this supported shortcuts for web apps like Gmail in addition to native Mac apps.
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@rrhoover Absolutely!
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@rrhoover Macro can actually do that! We're trying to make discovering shortcuts on the web (instead of native) easier by making shortcuts more discoverable and crowdsourcing all of the web's shortcuts on GitHub:
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Great job!! Looking for an Windows 10?
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@ayush_chandra You bet I am working on it! Just need more testing and should be out soon.
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Just installed this, pretty useful as a refresher for Atom but finding the most value for it on Sketch since I don't use it as much and have never gotten around to learning the shortcuts. Thanks for putting this together!
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@amiechen01 Hey Amie! Just noticed that the ~ shortcut overrides other ones that include it. For example, I use CMD+~ to switch between windows of the same app, but with Pretzel open it doesn't work and it opens the shortcuts list instead. It makes it impossible to keep Pretzel open :( Any way we could customize it?
@fanahova Yes! I'm actually working on a patch which would allow users to customize shortcut to open Pretzel.
@amiechen01 Got it, where do you register the CMD+tilde shortcut to open it? I took a quick look in the code to see if I could help with a PR but didn't see it!
@fanahova it's CMD + backtick(`)!