PreTube Chrome Extension

Preview youtube thumbnail on sidebar before posting a video

Preview how your video thumbnail and title would look on youtube's sidebar (related videos) before posting it.

You can try multiple thumbnail and title combination for better click through rates without going through the hassle of adding a video first on youtube.

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Clayton Parker
Clayton Parker@unclejessy4real · Youtuber | 3D Printing | Influencer
YouTube content creator here... excited to try this out. I was just complaining about how I don’t really know how well my thumbnail will work until it’s posted and I can see it in the wild.
Biraj Ghosh
Biraj GhoshMaker@biraj · Making beautiful products
@unclejessy4real That's the exact reason I built it. Being able to quickly try out multiple thumbnails should make a big difference in in your workflow!
Biraj Ghosh
Biraj GhoshMaker@biraj · Making beautiful products
Hi guys 👋, Few months ago I was creating a demo video for a product. The issue was selecting the right thumbnail as the product is in a really saturated market. But having to upload the video to try different thumbnails seemed like a inefficient process. This is why I made this little extension which lets you preview thumbnails in the youtube sidebar even before uploading the actual video. 😊